Community Focused Partnership –  Harnessing Intercultural Competence for Prosperity


In today’s interdependent world, the need for cross-cultural understanding and collaboration has become crucial for success in our global economy. To educate a globally competent workforce, skills such as second language acquisition and cultural competence must begin early and continue throughout a student’s academic career.

Recognizing this need, the education systems in both China and the U.S. have focused on innovative solutions over the past decade that prepare educators to deliver second language learning and build intercultural competence in their classrooms. Here in North Carolina, the State Board of Education made global education a priority in 2013 after a task force reported on the need for global competence to make graduating North Carolina students “globally competitive.”

As a result of these rapid changes, educators, governments and businesses alike are learning to make global connections, collaborate across cultural differences, and form mutually beneficial relationships. This mindset has led to tremendous growth in Chinese language teaching and Chinese cultural understanding in North Carolina over the past decade, contributing real, tangible gains for the state’s economy.  China is now the world’s second largest economy and has become North Carolina’s third largest trading partner.

During the summit, we invite you to hear about and reflect upon the value and importance of global education, public policies, and business practices that allow all sectors to thrive and prosper.

To consider:

  • How do North Carolina’s Chinese-language and culture programs contribute to its workforce?
  • What have North Carolina-China trading partnerships done for the state?
  • How does public policy intersect with education to improve North Carolina’s cultural competence?


At the conclusion of each panel, take a few minutes to record your thoughts and comments based on our three goals listed below. Tell us how we can continue to move the conversation forward and what we may be leaving out: